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Incinerator Campaign • 

To contact all regional and local councillors in your own municipality: click here
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Updated - 2014 - 2018 Regional Councillors
(updated June, 2016)

To contact all 28 Durham Regional Councillors at once,
copy and paste into the To: line of your email program (or bcc line):


Durham Region Clerks clerks@durham.ca; Durham Region Chair chair@durham.ca;
AMcQuaid-England@oshawa.ca; bmclean@city.pickering.on.ca; bchapman@oshawa.ca; bdrew@scugog.ca; colleen.jordan@ajax.ca; dcarter@oshawa.ca; dpickles@pickering.ca; roye@whitby.ca; johnhballinger@gmail.com; drummj@whitby.ca; jneal@clarington.net; jaker@oshawa.ca; jneal@oshawa.ca; gleedd@whitby.ca; afoster@clarington.net; mayor@city.pickering.on.ca; mayor@whitby.ca; gloconnor@town.uxbridge.on.ca; jgrant@townshipofbrock.ca; mayor@oshawa.ca; steve.parish@ajax.ca; mayorrowett@scugog.ca; ndiamond@oshawa.ca; shaun.collier@ajax.ca; tsmith@townshipofbrock.ca; wwoo@clarington.net; npidwerbecki@oshawa.ca; roger.anderson@durham.ca; kashe@pickering.ca

Make your opinion known ó call, email or speak personally to your Regional Councillor, before itís too late!

Tell your Councillors additional and accurate monitoring is needed!

Durham Region MPPs 2016

Joe Dickson - Ajax Pickering (L)
Granville Anderson - Durham (L)
Jennifer French - Oshawa (NDP)
Tracy MacCharles - Pickering-Scarborough East (L)
Lorne Coe - Whitby Oshawa (PC)

Ontario Leaders, Critics - 2016

See Legislative Assembly of Ontario for all MPPs - http://www.ontla.on.ca/lao/en/members/

See Cabinet Ministers and Opposition Critics - http://www.ontla.on.ca/web/members/members_composite.do?locale=en

Kathleen Wynne - Premier  (L)
Glen Murray - MInister of Environment & Climate Change   (L)
Bob Chiarelli - MInister of Energy (L)
Patrick Brown - Leader of Opposition (PC)
Lisa Thompson - Critic, Environment & Cap-and-Trade (PC)
John Yakabuski - Critic, Energy (PC)
Andrea Horwath - Leader of NDP
Peter Tabuns - Critic, Environment & Climate Change, and Energy (NDP)

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